Operation is easy, Just tilt your Dump or Insert and the material is fed into the Dual Flight auger and mixing tines where the material is loosened and fed to the center through an adjustable feed gate where it drops onto the spinner. As the bed is tilted the spinner pivots and stays level to the ground at all times. For optimum performance Power Down for your Dump or Insert is recommended. When material flow starts to slow down raise and refill.

  • 8′ to ’20’ spread pattern
  • Precise flow rate adjustments
  • 1/2 HP electric drive, thru gear 60:1 reduction
  • Center feed auger
  • Integrated lifting hook
  • Fits multiple brands w/ adaptor kits
  • Self aligning bearings
  • Mixing tine for material agitation
  • Removable spinner basket
  • Rotating spinner assembly remains level
  • Stainless steel drive motor
  • 200# vibrator
  • Fits Multiple Dump Bodies or Pick-up Inserts
  • Adjustable pattern from 8′ to 20′
  • Spreader swings out like a tailgate to Purge your load
  • Combo “Spreader/Insert”
  • Available w/ Spinner speed control
  • Adjustable feed gate
  • “Pivoting spinner” Stays level at all times
  • Variable speed control for spinner (recommended)
  • Mounting kit for 2-4 yard dump bodies
  • Construction: 12GA Stainless steel hopper
  • Size : 60″ W x 16″ H x 10″ D
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