What makes us stand apart from the competition?

  • Made by hand since 1979 using quality materials and the best craftsmanship available
  • Our products come fully painted and assembled
  • Our products come acid etched, phosphate washed, epoxy primed and painted with DuPont Imron Elite and then baked for a strong and superior finish
  • Used by US municipalities as well as in Canada
  • We offer one of the best warranties in the industry!

Powder Coating vs. Epoxy-Urethane Wet Paint

FeatureEpoxy-UrethanePowder Coating
Salt Spray
(Per ASTM B119)
1000 hours750 Hours
Impact Resistance
(Per ASTM D2794)
120 pounds120 pounds
(Per ASTM D522)
1/8" conical mandrel3/8" conical mandrel
Gloss Retention per 1000 hours QUV-A< .5 Delta E> 3.5 Delta E
(Per ASTM D4541)
1200 psi1000 psi
Edge and Lap Weld PenetrationExcellent wetting and Capillary actionPoor wetting of metal to metal connections
Stress and AgingUltra low stress from curing and agingLow stress from curing and aging
Film Uniformity2 coats ensure complete coverage of bare steelFaraday effect prevents paint coverage in corners and angles

While powder coating and wet paint are both used for finishing trailers and de-icing implements, a 2 coat wet paint system is the more appropriate choice for these industries for the following reasons:

  • Wet paints are more forgiving to surface preparation providing less chance for early failure.
  • Wet paints are much more flexible than powder coatings and providing greater impact resistance from chains and road debris.
  • Wet paints protect through the use of inhibitive pigments providing longer-term protection against rusting than powder coating provides.
  • In actual testing, a wet paint system provided much better gloss and color retention then did it powder coat alternative.

Downeaster Manufacturing products are finished using a 2-coat wet paint system. All Downeaster Manufacturing trailers, salt spreaders, and truck bodies are protected by a two-part epoxy primer and are finished coated with a two-part enamel paint. They are then baked in our oven to harden both coats and provide optimal protection.

The paint and the process used in the manufacture of Downeaster Manufacturing products has passed ASTM salt spray testing for 1000 hours to ensure a long-lasting, high-quality finish.