• 12 gauge floor / 14 gauge side plates
    • Two way tailgate (top/bottom hinged) with steel sub frame
    • Electric over hydraulic pump with 10′ pendant control cord. & pre punched tarp mounting holes
    • Spring loaded tailgate bottom release pins.
    • Adjustable 3/16" chain for spreading aggregate material & holding gate in down position
    • Compact scissor hoist with 3.5" diameter cylinder
    • 47 degree dump angle
    • Internal stake pockets
    • DuPont™ Imron® Elite black oven cured paint with epoxy primer
    • Double acting pump (power up / power down)
    • Our New 5 Year Warranty


    • Stainless steel tub on both models with steel sub frame
    • 1/4 Cab protector w/ slotted window & pre punched tarp mounting holes.
    • Mesh roller tarp, manual
    • Replacement Tailgate auger spreader with electric drive.

    Weights and Measurements

    Model #:IP-100 / 100SIP-110 / 110S
    GWR: #6,000 lbs.6,000 lbs.
    Weight:742 lbs.660 lbs.
    Payload capacity:5,258 lbs.5,340 lbs.
    Volume: (level)2.0 Cubic Yards1.6 Cubic Yards
    Floor size @ bottom WxL:48.5" x 96"48.5" x 76"
    Bed size @ top WxL:63.4" x 101.7"63.4" x 81.7"
    Deck height:8"8"
    Side height:18"18"
    Stake pockets:66
    Cylinder bore x length:3.5" x 10"3.5" x 10"
    Hydraulic pump:Dual actionDual action